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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shower Power

On October 23rd we were guests of our first baby shower. That may sound like we are about to embark on a litany of them, but no, just two. One shower per baby. I think that's sufficient. We were able to hold it at a wonderful church and gallery in the Crossroads called Beggars Table Church and Gallery. The setting was perfect and some of the paintings even coordinated with the decorations.
At my Mom's suggestion we had a theme of childhood stories we loved. So, there were six tables with one book each and some conversation starters for the guests. We hate baby shower games and, in conducting an informal poll, found that no one else we know likes them either. Guests were able to mill about and look at Eloise, The Cat in the Hat, The Velveteen Rabbit, The Runaway Bunny, Just for You, and Where the Wild Things Are. It turned out incredibly well and had just the low-key feeling we were hoping for all along. Our friends and family are incredibly generous and supportive people. They made a significant dent in all that we will need to get Gray and Nora started in life. We received everything from diapers (Which we will need 4,500 of the first year and were ECSTATIC to receive) and clothing (These girls will be dressed in awesome stuff.) to handmade gifts (both lovely to look at and useful) and bottles. Wonderful people, wonderful time. What more could we ask for?
Mac and I did bring our camera but were too engaged in the goings on to snap any pictures. My Aunt Susie has promised to send me hers and I will share them here when I receive them.

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