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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Always more to do

So, while we have the nursery in our master bedroom all taken care of, the room that will become the girls' bedroom when they need two cribs was a whole other story. That room has been many things: guest room, studio, office, and gym. It's multiple personality disorder left lots of hardware in the walls: screws and nails and anchors all over the place. So, knowing our two little ones would end up in this room in the next year, I asked myself a question: Do I want to be painting and readying this room with two little kids crawling around? Uh, no. I asked Mac what colors she was thinking of for down there and showed her this awesome room on Ohdeedoh with great red walls and orange and hot pink accents. It was bright and fun and I wanted it. Mac was on board. Bold colors for a painter's kids? Check. We headed over to Sherwin Williams because they have awesome no VOC paint. This meant Mac could be involved with the painting, which she wanted. We pick out our colors and are foiled. This awesome paint doesn't do saturated bold colors too well. So, since we couldn't get what we wanted we went over to Home Depot where the paint was cheaper.
Once in Home Depot we could not find the right pink. They were too bubblegum or too pastel. Strike number two. We threw out the awesome red, orange, and pink combo and started grabbing other colors. We ended up deciding on a primary color scheme: red walls, yellow on the wall in the back of the open closet, and robin's egg blue on the back of the bookshelf. All of the trim is white. These colors are in the girls' baby bedding and will work wonderfully. We wanted a cheerful room that the kids would be happy to inhabit and I think we will get it.
I hope to have the bulk of it done by this weekend. My Mom came over and helped paint on Monday and the walls look great. I am working on the accent colors including this awesome round back chair with green velvet seat and back. The wood parts are all going the same yellow as the back of the closet. Pictures to come soon.

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