Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The babies are the size of bell peppers this week, or so the baby website says. It struck me as odd initially, that they would compare babies to things we eat. I guess they needed common reference points? Why not a tennis ball or pint glass? Now I think it fits perfectly. If you add all of the fruits and vegetables the baby is compared to you would definitely have a cornucopia's worth of food. The cornucopia represents harvest, wealth, and abundance. These all seem like wonderful wishes for my children.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So, Mac had an appointment with the perinatologist last week in what is definitely the swankiest exam room I have been in to date. There were hardwood floors and dark wood cabinets with a big screen plasma up on the wall to watch the ultrsound. It was the size of a New York City apartment, no joke. The doctor was willing to suggest that he was "pretty certain" and "pretty sure" that both babies are girls! He will not confirm until the 20 week appointment but that didn't stop us from going out to buy lots of dresses. We are super excited. We really just wanted to know what sexes they were in general and were happy to find out. Plus, with them both being the same sex we will be able to live more comfortably in our current home! Hooray!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Books, The Books

There are so many books out there with so many people telling you what to do with your kids. Each author attempts to scare you to death. "If you don't attach the left tab of the diaper first, your baby will lose brain cells!!!" Why is everyone so sure that they are right? If Mac or I start reading a book and the author has any absolutes, we dismiss them. Any author that offers advice, then says, "But do whatever works for you and your family," is in. So far, Juggling Twins is an awesome book about twin babies and for motherhood we are reading Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path to Motherhood (Special thanks to our friend James for buying this book and having it dedicated to us from the author!).
This voracious reading appetite I have is causing me pains. It's information overload. I have to take a break from the baby books every once in a while and read something purely for fun. The information part is good, but overwhelming. We still have 24 weeks to go if she carries to 40 weeks, but it will probably be 35-37. That's not too much time...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lots to Get Done

Mac is 15 weeks pregnant this week. She can already feel the babies moving. We are trying to get all of the things done to make the house ready for the babies. New windows went into the nursery today! They actually open! The new furnace and air conditioner were put in over the weekend. I have the finishing touches to put on the downstairs bathroom and we'll be caught up on major projects! There is so much to do and such little time to do it in that it is easy to become overwhelmed. We are planners and lists are saving our sanity at this point. Next week Mac goes to the perinatologist and we might find out what sexes the babies are. It will be exciting to know that so we can start referring to them by name. It's so crazy to think that two babies are growing in Mac's belly!