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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Perinatologist Appointment-The Highlights

Well, Mac and I went to the perinatologist. Rather, I sat in a chair next to her and got to watch the ultrasound while they put a bunch of blue goo all over her belly. We have been told by the nurse at previous appointments that how well you are doing and how concerned the doctor is can be measured by when the doctor wants to see you again. One month is the best you can do. We are glad to report that Mac does not go back to the perinatologist for one month! The babies are doing great. They are sharing very nicely and weigh 1.7 and 1.8 pounds.
Even though there is no rational reason to be afraid, I always feel a little apprehensive when I go to these appointments. Will this be the time they tell us something isn't right? I guess it seems to have been all too easy.
We decided in March that we wanted to try to have kids. We decided that we would try four times and if it didn't work or doctors thought the best course was IVF, that we would abandon our attempts at biological children and begin the adoption process. I mean, if we were looking at $40,000 worth of medical bills, no guarantees, and ridiculous amounts of stress, why not put that same money toward a child that already needed a home, a child that was already here. Well, we went through all that hand-wringing for nothing, it seems. Mac became pregnant on our first trip to the doctor! She's an over-achiever at pregnancy as we found out that we would be having two babies instead of the one we planned for all together.
Don't make plans like, "Oh, we really only want one child." They will be decimated. What did we know anyway? We are incredibly excited that our plans were shot. Having these twins is going to be great.
Mac goes back to the OB that will deliver the babies in a week. She is 24 weeks pregnant now and the doctor will decide the date for the c-section at 30 weeks. Once she hits 28 weeks she will be going to the perinatologist weekly. Any good suggestions for killing time in the waiting rooms she will so often be occupying?

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