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Thursday, January 13, 2011

All That Legal Mumbo Jumbo

We have a lawyer. Well, we have two lawyers. One to create all of the documents we need to puzzle together the rights straight people get when they are allowed to legally marry in this state and one to conduct my adoption of our babies. While I am glad to know that my friends are all astonished at all of this it also puts things into perspective. There is a general sense of, "Of course you should have those rights!" However, we don't have those rights and people on the "right," in general, condemn GLBT activists as a special interest group seeking special rights. We don't want special rights and the more that people perceive them as "special" the more we will be marginalized. We want the same rights as any two consenting adults that want a family.
So, we will put out so much money to cobble together these "rights" that straight people can get just by driving through a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Beyond my ranting I am happy that a friend of a friend recommended a great lawyer who will be able to take care of our adoption for a reasonable fee. After they are born we will go to court to get a temporary order of custody for me and when they are six months old I will be able to officially adopt them. The babies will be here in 19 days and we still have so much to do.


  1. is astounding what you have to do to have YOUR OWN BABIES! I think its so important you are blogging this, but I wish (or maybe there is already) a way for this to be put out more publically...People just don't know that its not a "given" and that you have to go through all the legal fracas...and the idea that it comes at an expense to you is unconscionable..
    That said,...know that your old friends back here are so happy for you both! Can't wait to hear the news the day the babes arrive!!! Love to both of you!
    Wishing for a better, more just world for your children....

  2. Thank you Lorayne. We will have to make a trip back to NY!